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When Northeastern University acquired the Phoenix Media/Communications Group’s websites, they were functionally obsolete.

In order to preserve content, PHX websites were captured by Northeastern University staff using the Internet Archives’ Archive-It service. The preserved websites can be viewed on the Archive-It collection page. To browse, select the desired website, choose the date you’d like to view, and you can navigate the website as it appeared on that date. Archive-It also allows users to search across all preserved Phoenix Media/Communications Group websites by using its search box.

Although the bulk of the web content was preserved, a complete capture eluded Northeastern University Staff. One known systemic issue is that the java applet that moved readers from page 1 to page 2 was not understood by the Archive-It robot.  If subsequent pages result in an error message, click on “Global Wayback Service” circled in red below.

The “Global Wayback Service” will retrieve a page that displays the original URL of your content, the number of times that content has been captured by the WayBack Machine, and a calendar.

If you would like to access the most recently captured version of the content, click the most recent “snapshot” date on the calendar (dates on which the content was captured are marked with blue circles). This should allow you to access all subsequent pages of content.

If you would like to revitalize old links, follow the instructions here.