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Revitalizing Old Links

The Phoenix Media/Communications Group's websites were captured by Northeastern University staff using the Internet Archives' Archive-It service.

Although the original websites are no longer active, you can still access and link your online material through the Internet Archive's WayBack Machine. To do so, you'll need to use the WayBack Machine to generate a stable URL. Follow the instructions below to convert your URL.

You will need:

  • An Internet connection
  • The URL of an article or other content formerly posted on a Phoenix Media/Communications Group website


Step 1: Copy the old URL of your selected content.

Step 2: Navigate to the WayBack Machine:

Step 3: Input the copied URL of your content into the search box on the Wayback Machine home page. Hit Enter or click “Browse History”.

Step 4: The WayBack Machine will retrieve a page that displays the original URL of your content, the number of times that content has been captured by the WayBack Machine, and a calendar.

If you would like to access the most recently captured version of the content, click the most recent “snapshot” date on the calendar (dates on which the content was captured are marked with blue circles).

If the content has been edited or changed and you would like to access an older saved version, navigate through the calendar to your desired “snapshot” date. Select the year, then month and date to view an older version of the content. Black bars indicate years in which the content was captured.

Step 5: The WayBack Machine will redirect you to the preserved snapshot of the page from the date you selected. Please note that some original content, such as advertisements, JavaScript or Flash videos, may not be saved.

Step 6: Select the URL displayed in your browser’s address bar. You will notice that the new URL begins with; this URL will now direct to a stable, saved version of the content stored in the Internet Archive. Replace any outdated links to your Phoenix Media/Communications Group content with the URL generated by the WayBack Machine to ensure that your content remains reachable. This URL directs to the saved version of the material; replace any outdated links to the content with this URL.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Archives & Special Collections for further assistance.


Wayback Machine Instructions (PDF with screenshots)